Ascent of the route A.K.A. the hillyness of the route

Long Distance Route

St. Cuthbert’s Way offers 62.5 miles (100km) of fantastic, varied walking suitable for people of all ages and abilities. A general leaflet about the route, including an overview map, is available from Visitor Information Centres or can be downloaded here.

The brief descriptions of the sections of St. Cuthbert’s Way offer a flavour of what you can look forward to.

Most people walk St. Cuthbert’s Way from west to east, which chronologically fits in with St. Cuthbert’s life, but more importantly means the wind is usually behind you, and Holy Island lures you to the coast. However St. Cuthbert’s Way is signed and waymarked in both directions, so it’s entirely up to you which direction you choose to walk the route. Suggested itineraries¬†which may assist you planning your walk but however you complete the route you may wish to request a St Cuthbert’s Way Official Completion Certificate.

For a more detailed description of the route, we recommend the St Cuthbert’s Way Official Guide.