St Cuthbert’s Way Official Guide


The Official Trail Guide to St. Cuthbert’s Way written by Ron Shaw

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The Official Trail Guide to St. Cuthbert’s Way, revised for the 20th Anniversary in 2016, is written by Ron Shaw, who as the originator of the long distance route knows it better than anyone. The new 2011 edition of the guide, has been updated to include minor variations, and to provide you with everything you need to walk St. Cuthbert’s Way. With the assistance of Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 map extracts, the guide provides a detailed route description, and also includes information about the sites, features and places you will pass through and visit along the route, including those associated with St Cuthbert’s life. The 104 page full colour official guide is published by Birlinn, size 135mm x 220mm.