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Many people who walk St. Cuthbert’s Way are so inspired by the long distance route that they are keen to come back for more.  Others may have time only to walk a section of the route, or be more interested in short circular routes including part of St. Cuthbert’s Way.

With this in mind, 24 short walks have been developed to encourage and enable people of all ages and abilities to enjoy St. Cuthbert’s Way, and to make more of the long distance route. Ranging in length from 1 to 8 miles, and spread out along the whole length of St. Cuthbert’s Way, the short walks showcase some of the best of the long distance walking route and offer opportunities to explore the surrounding countryside, historic sites and other features of interest in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland.

The walks have been developed to provide something for everyone, whatever your interests, age or level of fitness, and to appeal to local people as well as visitors. Each walk includes a section of St. Cuthbert’s Way, but beyond that the walks vary considerably, from a short stroll or sheltered riverside walk suitable regardless of the weather, to more exposed hill walks which are best appreciated on a fine day. Each route is achievable in half a day, but how long you take is up to you, depending on how fast you walk, and how long you have to stop and enjoy the fantastic views, historical sites and other features along the way.  The routes are described west to east along St. Cuthbert’s Way – the direction most people choose to walk the long distance route, but there’s nothing to stop you reversing the route description and walking in the opposite direction.

Copies of the St Cuthbert’s Way Official Short Walks Guide are available from the online shop.  Profits from the sale of the guidebook will be reinvested on future maintenance of St. Cuthbert’s Way.